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Wednesday, 11 February 2015 04:16 pm
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Finished the Viz transcription today, so I finally got to chuck everything into Excel and poke it.

Focusing on word counts, as line counts/bubble counts are more about formatting and dramatic effect than anything to do with quantity.

The top three characters are no surprise, but I was a bit surprised at how the rest of the list shook out.

Top Fifteen Characters By Word Count

  1. 28,046: Shindou Hikaru
  2. 10,422: Fujiwara no Sai
  3. 8,617: Waya Yoshitaka
  4. 8,216: Touya Akira
  5. 4,462: Isumi Shin'ichirou
  6. 3,514: Kurata Atsushi
  7. 3,108: Ochi Kousuke
  8. 3,078: Ogata Seiji
  9. 2,693: Touya Kouyou
  10. 2,654: Tsutsui Kimihiro
  11. 2,587: Kaga Tetsuo
  12. 2,466: Mitani Yuuki
  13. 2,439: Fujisaki Akari
  14. 2,315: Yáng Hǎi
  15. 2,028: Amano

Waya outtalking Touya is no surprise, but I thought it might be a little closer; I'd vastly overestimated how much talking Touya did post-148.

I didn't expect Touya Kouyou to rank as highly as he did. He does, however, get a surprising amount of dialogue towards the end.

That Akari doesn't outtalk Kaga or even Mitani was surprising to me, though it really shouldn't be. I desperately hope she has a happy, fulfilling, and distracting high school career ahead of her.

I would have spitballed Kuwabara Hon'inbou up way higher on the list (he comes in at #16, with a word count of 1,893).

Hikaru's mom gets approximately the same number of words as Watanabe (her 1,540 to his 1,513, placing them at #17 and #18 respectively).

Yashiro comes in #30 with 999 words, putting him smack between Su-yeong (1,024 words) and Tsubaki (973 words).

Adorably, Touya Akiko and Seo Chang-won are one right after the other (#69 and #70, with 345 words and 337 words). I love Touya-sensei's bro-hood with Seo Chang-won too much for words! :3

ETA: Sorry for the delay in replaying; I hadn't realised I'd posted this as public, since I've spent the last month talking to myself in private posts ^^ It was so great to hear from you guys; I hope you're doing well, and I'm so gladdened to see you guys still love HikaGo ♥

Oh, and the transcripts themselves are available on the wiki; once I've finished the JA transcripts I was gonna make something for offline reading like an epub or something, so that's down the pipe.


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