Date: 2015-02-16 02:01 am (UTC)
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Thank you!! Yeah, Kaga does that thing where he just seems to dominate his every appearance, so he feels like he would blow others out of the water.

zomg Ogata!! Beaten by Ochi!! Though okay it's close enough in wordcount that translation idiosyncrasies might account for that variance (you better believe I'm gonna run another wordcount when I'm done the JA transcript XDDDD), but still he seems way more dominant than that. Like, I would've put him above Kurata, easy. Ogata does get a huuuuuuge amount of... idk what to call it, "lurking" shots? And also where he'll get pages and pages of glamour shots only briefly punctuated by his thoughts. I'd forgotten just how much he was used to stand/sit around gazing intently while other people talked about stuff and then he'd deliver an over-the-top dramabomb.
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