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Kurata surprised me just because to me it feels like he's present for only a fraction of the amount that he's mentioned, if that makes sense -- sorry, I'm having a hard time wording it. Like, Kurata's mentioned all the time throughout the series (he's mentioned even before Touya), so it feels like his influence is greater than his presence. But then, like you said, when he does show up he is full of thoughts and opinions, and has a major role during the Hokuto Cup, and he's got that sidestory chapter dedicated to him in volume 18, so he does pretty well for himself that way.

I'd always wanted a transcript, since I love being able to search stuff, and when I was still ferrying every weekend to visit my fiancé I started using that time to do a transcript of the original Japanese; I'd restarted it a few different times trying to get things into a useful format, though, and when I stopped I was in volume 7.

I went for a much simplified format this time, trying not to get bogged down with side details like "what specific label should I give this person who only appears in this chapter and doesn't even appear in the Gorgeous", and just threw it into HTML tables instead of screwing around with Word. Typing out the Viz adaptation in English went by in a flash; it took me less than a month just working on it whenever I felt like it, so it should probably only take me a few months to do the Japanese (though yeah, I'm taking a little break from transcribing, so I haven't started that one yet XD)

Typing out the Viz adaptation was really frustrating because it just slams your face into what a lazy piece of garbage it degrades into; it's not great at first and has some lazy errors and exemplifies the worst of Viz's systemic editorial problems, but is a reasonable effort. The translator change midway is extremely noticeable, but that's not a bad thing since I think Amemiya's understanding of the underlying story and themes is really strong and I found her idiosyncrasies and go-to phrases much less jarring than Nakatani's, who is a textbook example of someone with no concept of character voice or why such a thing would even matter. However, near the end you can tell everyone was just in a huge rush to get it done, and the adaptation is so broad that at times it almost feels like it was done by reading the chapter in Japanese in a single go, then filling in the text bubbles with English based on the remembered story of the chapter with little to no regard for what was actually specifically being said at the time.
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